An Internship Experience at Gushcloud Malaysia: Nia

January 14, 2019

Working with Gushcloud Malaysia was not something I would ever dream of doing to be honest. For one, I don’t follow many influencers and I didn’t even know influencer marketing agencies were a thing; apparently they are. It’s safe to say that unless you work in this industry, you will never know that there are more than what meets the eye and it definitely changed my perception of this industry.


I was only here for 14 weeks and yet time flew by so fast. Joelle was my supervisor and honestly, she’s one of the nicest. She was very patient with me, (she did nearly lose it once) but she never outright scolded me. I learned to pay more attention to the details (notice how our Instagram posts’ logos are all the same size?) and triple checked everything (mostly e-mails) to make sure I didn’t make careless mistakes.


 GCMY's Christmas lunch


The working environment is never cold and intimidating, I can tell you that. My colleagues were so friendly and helpful. They’re like a family and even though I’m an intern, they treated me the same as everyone else. Never once did anyone in the office belittle me. There’s a phrase that almost all of them share and say all the time - “I’ll let you decide.” It felt good and even exhilarating to be trusted to do what you felt was right.


Jamie's last day


Interning at Gushcloud Malaysia made me realize how important “trust” is. They didn’t impose strict rules and trusted everyone to get their job done. This is one of the traits that I really appreciated. Internship is when you try to learn as much as you can about the industry you’re in before you start working and that’s exactly what Gushcloud gave me - the opportunity to learn everything I could. When I’m free, they gave me work from other departments which made me realize why everyone is always so busy. They have a LOT of work to do.


 GCMY's Christmas lunch


If I’ve inspired you to come and intern or work here, my job here is done. I love Gushcloud (even the PR people from other countries). Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Jane for taking me in, Joelle for being the most understanding supervisor, Hou Yin for trusting me with stuff I shouldn’t be trusted with, Hariz you should be thanking me for helping you, and the others for being great colleagues to me.


XO, Nia


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