Why Micro Influencers Matter?

April 30, 2019


Influencer marketing has really grown globally. It is a marketing strategy that helps brands reach their market and communicate their message through social media stars and creators. Also, these influencers don’t only spread brand awareness and relevance, but also generates engagement and drives sales.


With 78% social media penetration in Malaysia, more brands are allocating budget and integrating influencer marketing in their campaigns. This 2019, a new trend has emerged in the social media scene: micro influencers. Micro influencers in Malaysia have 5,000 to 50,000 followers. They may have lesser reach than celebrities and premium influencers, but they have a niche market with engaged audiences.





            THEY ARE TRUSTED. With micro influencers’ authentic and personal content, their opinions are seen to be credible, driving friends and followers to take a desired action.


            THEY HAVE ENGAGED FOLLOWERS. Though micro influencers have less following, they have engaged audiences who share the same passion and interests. Micro influencers also have high engagement rates as they respond and interact more with their followers.


            THEY ARE LOYAL. Micro influencers are known to have brand affinity as they have existing brand relationships based on purchase history. They are brand advocates who are willing to recommend and support brands and products that they absolutely love.


            THEY ARE COST- EFFECTIVE. Rates of micro influencers are lower than that of premium influencers. For example, a macro influencer’s fee for a social media post may already be equivalent to ten micro influencers.


Recently, Sensodyne has approached Gushcloud Malaysia with a challenge - educate sensitivity sufferers that sensitive teeth can get worse if not treated. For this campaign, Gushcloud Malaysia worked with more than 400 micro influencers to communicate Sensodyne’s message through the #chilltestchallenge. To have authentic and organic content, all micro influencers tapped for the campaign are sensitivity sufferers.







To date, Gushcloud Malaysia has gathered more than 400 social media posts with the hashtags #SensodyneMY and #chilltestchallenge.


If your brand is looking into activating micro influencer marketing campaigns, Gushcloud Marketing Group (GMG) can definitely help you on this. Just this March, GMG has launched Ribbit, its micro influencer unit. To know more about Ribbit, you may check out their Ribbit social Website and Ribbit Instagram







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