Sean Lee: Rooftop Prince

May 29, 2019


Sean Lee Jia Ern, or Seanlje on his social media platforms, is a YouTuber, social media influencer, actor, and host. You might know him from the hit TV show My Coffee Prince or from YouTube videos. This talented young man not only stars in TV shows but also loves to make videos to entertain. Gushcloud Malaysia managed to get a short interview with him so if you want to know more about him, read up, LJENS (and soon-to-be)!


- Why did you choose to put yourself on social media and when?

I had an interest in creating social media content on YouTube since I was in high school. I guess I was inspired by YouTubers such as Jack Harries, Tim and Casey back then.


- What inspired you to open up Atap Rooftop Cafe and start Dooit?

I got this idea of rooftop café while I was travelling in South Africa.

I didn’t start Dooit but I was introduced by my friend to be their host. As it was something new that I have not done before, I jumped into it!


- Do you consider Atap Rooftop Cafe successful or there’s still a long way to go

with it?

Of course, there is always room for improvement. I guess I am still learning each day.


- Do you ever feel like it’s tiring to maintain your social presence or do you genuinely enjoy curating content consistently?  

I really love to curate content and most of the content on social media, reflects on who I am behind the camera. What I really like is for my followers to have a laugh while watching my content; and hopefully it will brighten their day.




- From your latest video, I take that you’re an adrenaline junkie? What are some of the craziest things on your bucket list?

I have done bungee jumping in South Africa and also in Macau. The latest I did was skydiving in Gold Coast. And lately, I went through a tough drill at TLDM, Paska 24-hour Challenge Malaysia reality TV show.


- Do you have any skills that you’d want to work more on in the upcoming year?

There are plans in 2019 which I can’t reveal at the moment. So watch out for more news on my social media platforms!


- Care to share the last time you were on the edge of giving up on something?

Most definitely it must be the during the shoot for the reality TV show in Lumut with the marines. It was really tough going through all the drill and it made me respect these marine soldiers even more, now that I know how tough and strong you need to be in the marines. If you really want to see how I suffered, cried and tortured, tune in to this reality show!


Do you have any advice for the people reading this article?

Be genuine and true to yourself. And don’t forget to work hard and dream big!


No doubt Sean will be very successful in the future given his positive and hardworking attitude! Follow Sean’s journey here and if you need a good laugh, head on over to his YouTube channel here!


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