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Yein Chan: Malaysia Make Up Artist

June 21, 2019

Yein Chan, Founder of Muse Art Makeup

Professional makeup Guru

Instagram : @yeinchan_makeup 


Yein Chan, 从事这美妆行业已经七年的她,在2014年已经用有自己创立的美妆公司 Muse Art Makeup

Muse Art Makeup主要教导学生学习化妆技巧及体验 “Yein” 的化妆方式。





Yein Chan has been in the beauty industry for at least 7 years and opened up her own beauty company, Muse Art Makeup, in 2014.

The beauty company accepts students and trains them in makeup application skills. Yein personally shares with them some tips and tricks.


Yein specializes in natural makeup that enhances facial features. Her makeup techniques aim to express the image of purity and natural beauty. The carefree beauty guru is always willing to share her work experience and interesting tips with her students.

For the month of May, Gushcloud Malaysia is proud to share a few things about the talented beauty artist, Yein.




1) 什么情况下让你决定走向这美妆行业发展,并且从事自己一家美妆公司? 

Yein: 其实是中学时期常会看着杂志跟着步骤在自己脸上乱画,然后和朋友出去约会总会心情特别好哈哈~ 从此燃起我对化妆的兴趣 。毕业后幸运找到自己喜欢的化妆学院而且在那里 当了5年的教师后觉得自己可以出来自己闯一闯而成立自己的美妆公司。 


What motivated you to choose a career in the beauty industry and led you to open a beauty company?

Yein: I’ve always been interested in the beauty industry. When I was in middle school, I’ve always been drawn to pictures in magazines and did my best to recreate the makeup looks. Whenever I went out with my friends, I’d apply makeup and it always made me feel good. After graduating, I was lucky to be given an opportunity to teach in my favorite beauty school. After contributing my teaching skills for about 5 years, I felt like I was confident enough to open my own beauty company.




Yein: 蛮多的状况都可能启发我的化妆技巧, 就如我在專心觀察著某個人做著一件事情/ 動作都可能讓我聯想在化妝上的論理概念是否接近, 講課時可以形容讓學生可以更明白, 做著妝時感受會更更確切。 



Where do you get inspiration for your make up?

Yein: I get my inspiration from everywhere! I could be observing someone doing something and that could automatically inspire me to come up with a makeup concept. It also helps me better describe the concept of drawing inspiration to my students as you will live in the moment to recreate the best look.




Yein: 最能凸顯和像自己的自然韓妝是我最擅長的风格因為我一直都覺當一個女生掛上自然妝的時候是最顯氣質的!


What style of makeup are you best at? Why?

Yein: I am best at doing natural make-up to highlight and enhance facial features. I love this style because I feel like it’s always best to maintain your natural look with a little bit of enhancement with makeup.





























































Yein: 黃智雯 , 龔嘉欣 , 姚子羚 , 唐詩詠 ,胡定欣,田蕊妮 , 陳展鵬,郭晉安 ,鍾嘉欣,楊怡,馬國明 ,廖碧兒 , 肥媽 ,陳敏之,許維恩 ,李國煌, 輝哥, 洪愛玲, 陈慧珊,   马来西亚艺人太多。


Could you name some of the famous artists that you have worked with?

I’ve worked with multiple Hong Kong actors and actresses. Some of them include Mandy Wong, Katy Kung, Elaine Yiu, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu, Maria Cordero, Sharon Chan, Flora Chan, Ruco Chan, Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, and Hsu Chieh-Hui. I’ve also done make up for Taiwanese artiste Sharon Hsu and Singaporean artistes Mark Lee and Irene Ang. I’ve also worked with various Malaysian artistes.




Yein: Hm..说到最难忘是有一次我给黃智雯化妆, 她在换衣时微微尖叫了一下还以为她什么事, 原来是她不小心刮到脸, 换好后赶紧走过来和我说Sorry ,说她不小心弄到妆了.......我说没关系补一下就好了;)  这微小的举动让我对她香港艺人有距离感的印象完全改变,她是个非常尊重化妆师的意见和作品的人,而且化妆过程会与我谈论妆感手法, 告诉我化妆的特别之处。


Out of all the artists that you have worked with, which one was the most memorable experience?

Yein: Hmm. If we’re talking about the most memorable experience, then I’d have to say, Mandy Wong. She made a loud squeal when she was changing into her outfit and startled me into thinking about what had happened. It turned out that she had accidentally scratched her face when she was changing. She quickly came over to me and for possibly ruining the makeup, which could easily be reapplied. This gesture completely changed my impression of Hong Kong artists’ sense of being unapproachable. She is a person who holds artists' opinions and works in high regard. She discussed the makeup feel and look with me and shared her views on the nuances of makeup looks.







Yein: 在一次被邀上一個與香港合作的節目同時間被3 位香港藝人訪問最為難忘,看見江美儀本人在現場的反應神快和工作的效率真的令人髮指。


What is the most memorable experience you’ve had throughout your career?

Yein: I would definitely have to say being interviewed by three Hong Kong artistes when I was invited for a collaboration with a Hong Kong program. Seeing Elena Kong in action in person is an experience on its own. Her proactivity and work efficiency is amazing!




Yein: 要当一个有特色的化妆师 能凸显你與别的化妆师不一样的地方 这个是一个让人注意到你最基本的条件。


How do you stand out from the rest, especially when you are invited to so many events?

Yein: To be a good make-up artist, you have to show your specialty and how you are different from other make-up artists. The fundamental condition of being a makeup artist is how you create a signature look that’s easily recognized by everyone.




Yein: 引领更多人了解及创造完美。


What do you hope to achieve in your beauty career?

Yein: I’d like to share my understanding of creating perfection with people everywhere.




Yein: 把我的公司推向市场,能和更多不同的单位合作。


What are some of your goals right now?

Yein: I would like to propel my company to greater heights and work with more brands.




 Yein: 抱着你对美妆的热情,融入你的生活坚持到最后,总有一天你会像星一样闪烁 :)


If there was one thing you could tell other makeup enthusiasts, what would it be?

Yein: Hold on to your passion for beauty and blend it into your lifestyle. Stick with it to the end and one day, you’ll shine like a star. :)






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