Fiqrie Dahari: Radio DJ turned Host, Emcee, and Writer

July 1, 2019


Fiqrie Dahari, the multi-talented personality who started out as a radio DJ and is now a host, an emcee, and a writer, recently did an interview with Gushcloud Malaysia.

Read on to know more about Fiqrie!



Can you give us a quick background of who you are and what you do?


My name is Fiqrie Dahari, 37 years old. I graduated from UiTM with a degree in Broadcasting and was an intern at 8TV. I was on the first season of Quickie interning amongst other - Belinda Chee. This lead to my first job as a radio announcer for HotFM.

After three years of being on TV and radio at 27 years old, I decided to expand my horizon, quit my job and signed up to study hospitality in Singapore.


Job opportunity knocked on my door in Singapore during the recession (which happened in 2008 where Singapore was badly hit) in the form of an event executive for Singapore Swimming Club. Over a year after I found myself working under Prada Inc. for the brand Miu Miu.


But 3 years was all I needed to learn enough, came back, and re-branded myself in the entertainment industry.

My first stint was as a sports commentator on Astro Arena for Asian Games and Commonwealth Games before RedFM knocked on my door, which unfortunately closed down a few years back.

Turns out Allah has a better plan for me.

Woke up one day receiving an email stating I’ve been verified on Instagram!

Due to the blue tick, I started getting emails from agencies worldwide on collaborations and that’s how my life as a social media influencer begun.

On the same month, Uniqlo offered me an online campaign deal and I became the first Malay male KOL for the brand. And not too long after MixFM offered me a part time deal on the station. It however took too much of my time from my other 3 jobs and I decided to quit after a year and a drama series role-offer later.


I understand that you work 4 jobs. How did that came to be?


Once you’re a radio DJ, the offer to become an emcee comes naturally.

My acting stint started after being discovered by the producer while going on air in HotFM.

It became the highest-rated teen drama in Malaysia then and was later turned to a movie.

My experience emceeing roadshows, marathons, concerts and private events for the station sometimes u to 18,000 people gave me ample experiences to be highly versatile and skilled.


The Star’s lifestyle editor offered me the chance to become a contributor during my years on Red FM, after seeing my ability and pattern of writing long informative captions on Instagram, which lead to another opportunity of being a travel writer for Malaysia’s leading English travel magazine – Gaya Travel.


What motivates you to start working so hard at such a young age?


I have always believed in doing what you love. I don’t believe in forcing myself to work and I’m lucky to have a set of parents that are really understanding.

I told my parents I like TV, I like radio and I want to become an entertainer.

Their replies were simple -  “Okay whatever you do, get a degree first.”

So that’s what I did.

I took MassComm for diploma in UiTM then continued my bachelors degree in Broadcasting.



I saw on one of your captions that one of your childhood memories was being called “moonface” by your peers. How did you grow out of that phase and become the confident person you are now?


When I first entered UiTM, I had this one lecturer – Encik Rahmat who taught us Law. He was asking everyone why are you here, how come you’re doing this for diploma.

When it came to my turn I simply replied “Oh, I wanna be a newscaster.”

Guess what happened?

He scoffed and was like “You? Wanna be that?”

Let me tell you my thoughts.

You as a lecturer are supposed to be teaching kids, motivate them to be better…not ridiculing them. A person who belittles others mirrors how inferior you are inside.

No matter how far you get in life, never belittle anyone.

Treat everyone nicely because you never know who’s gonna be your boss one day.

Everybody has a potential to go somewhere so never curb that.

But that fired the motivation within and made me the hardworking person I am today.

And no he didn’t do that as reversed-psychology, in case you’re wondering.


Of all the jobs that you’re currently pursuing, which one do you enjoy the most?


I like emceeing because I get to see immediate response. I like radio more because responses are spontaneous, people call in and say I love you and all. It’s nice to have four jobs because I get to cycle it.



I read that you made monthly contributions to the Budimas Foundation. What inspired you to do that? Do you have other contributions that you would like to disclose?


Budimas actually approached me at a mall one day. I chose the auto deduction from my account every month. Recently I’m doing a campaign with Hospis Malaysia, a place that provides care for people with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer and AIDS.


What advice do you have for the people who aspire to be like you?


Everything comes at a price, no matter how bad things get, take it as lessons to improve yourself. Always know who you are, what you can do. Know your limitations. Everyone wants to be famous, but are you able to handle that fame when it comes? The sky’s the limit but always know if you could be able to handle what comes your way.


Fiqrie is currently one of the few people signed exclusively under Omega. He’s also always on the lookout for foundations that gives back to the community. Hit him up if you need his help! Follow him here!


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