How do Influencers become Influencers?

February 22, 2019

When people see or hear the word ‘Influencer,’ their first thought would usually be “People who have 10k followers and above on Instagram.” These people with thousands of social media followers and likes are almost as popular as celebrities themselves and are making quite the appearance. In light of their emergence, the term ‘Influencer’ has been coined for them and is so new that not it has not even been acknowledged in the dictionary!


An Influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or gets them to do something different. As for now, Influencer has become a career and a budding one at that with the help of Influencer marketing agencies like Gushcloud. These agencies help brands to connect with their target audiences through Influencers and online content.


From top: Ezzat Eddy, Ira Kaza, Fatin Al-Jaffree, Aiman Rahman



For aspiring ones who would like to enter the industry, here are some key qualities to become an effective Influencer:




1. Have a purpose.


A successful person always have a clear purpose in mind. Why do you want to be an Influencer? What do you hope to achieve? These are some of the ultimate questions you have to answer before becoming an Influencer.


For example, Mina Rosli started a YouTube channel because she likes to do various makeup looks and wants to share them to the world. Currently, she has 17,000 YouTube subscribers.









Image source: Mina’s YouTube channel



2. Be consistent.


When you follow celebrities and Influencers on social media, it is because you’re interested in their content. Instagram’s algorithm has changed wherein only posts from the last two days will be visible on your followers’ feed, so to speak.  This is why it is important to post consistently. Johanis Sani, the beauty and lifestyle Influencer, uploads content every one to two days. She constantly comes up with new posts and updates her followers on what she’s up to. On Instagram, Johanis has more than 375,000 followers.


Image source: Johanis’ Instagram



3. Collaborate.


Influencer industry becomes more fun when you work with people who share the same passion as yours. Collaborating is a great way to cross-pollinate your audience and get more online exposure. Aisyah here or more famously known as @/cupcakeaisyah on her social media platforms often collaborates with other Influencers such as Johanis and LunaTasha.


 Image source: Aisyah’s YouTube channel




4. Curate your content.


People appreciate an organized and aesthetically-pleasing layout. It would help to use applications that would give you a preview of your feed before posting a photo.


Nadhirah Zamani or more commonly known as @nodrohzomono on Instagram has a minimalist feed that’s very soothing to the eyes. She often posts pictures of herself or family and friends with a plain background and with minimal tones.







Image source: Nadhirah’s Instagram




5. Explore other social media platforms.


When a new platform comes up, some Influencers are quick to sign up and start actively managing that account. They try to migrate their followers from a previous platform to a new one. Through this, the Influencers keep up their relevance in the industry and increase their social media presence. However, Influencers should also check if the platform is suitable for their content and market.


Aqil Zulkiflee made quite a name for himself on Instagram by uploading funny video reviews. Now, he’s on TikTok with more than 113,000 fans. Download the TikTok app to follow him at @aqilzulkiflee!


Image source: Aqil’s TikTok and Instagram





6. Know your strongest platform.


It’s important to determine the platform that works best for your content and market. There are Influencers who spent most of their time on one specific platform and just update their other profiles occasionally.


As for Nalisa Alia Amin, a beauty Influencer, her focus is on Twitter where she shares her thoughts and journey. She has more followers on Twitter as compared to her Instagram.


Image source: Nalisa’s Twitter and Instagram




7. Use relevant hashtags.


Hashtags are a great way to get your content out globally by getting more exposure. A hashtag is a word that has the symbol “#” before it and the function on social media platforms is to group all the posts containing the same hashtag together. This way, users who search for the hashtag will be able to see your posts provided your account is not private. Influencers use this fully to their advantage and it greatly helps getting your name out there. Some of the most used hashtags are “#travel, #makeup, and #ootd.” Neesa for example is a beauty Influencer who fully utilizes hashtags.




Image source: Neesa’s Instagram



8. Engage with your followers.


Aside from posting consistently, make sure to engage with your followers by replying to their comments, listening to their suggestions and doing giveaways. Interacting with your subscribers enhances your relationship with them.


Cilibling, a beauty Influencer, loves to do Instagram Live since she’s fond of talking to her followers in real time. She also replies to some of the comments on her posts. No wonder she has more than 185,000 followers on Instagram!


Image source: Cilibling's Instagram



Being an Influencer isn’t all about the glitz and glam. It’s a continuous work of doing what you love. It’s essential to have a sense of purpose for you to be effective and successful. Once you’ve started, make sure to be consistent in curating your content and interacting with your followers. We hope that this post inspired you, aspiring influencers. Stay tuned for our next post and thanks for reading!





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