Gushcloud Exclusive: Ira Kaza

November 23, 2018

A few years back a video of her dance parody blew up which skyrocketed her name. Since then, she’s been doing some covers (in line with her ambition of being a singer) and a few videos for fun! Who knew today Ira Kaza would be signed as one of Gushcloud’s exclusives!



You have quite a number of followers on Instagram. Do you plan to keep on building that platform?

Yes. I plan to do more product reviews. I’m also looking to participate in more gigs, so if any of you have an event hit me up!

When would you say your popularity started skyrocketing?

This is embarrassing but I think maybe it started after I posted that dance parody video. (laughs) I recorded and uploaded it for fun, I was just dancing to One Dance by Drake, then suddenly it blew up and it became a really big deal.


Do you consider yourself an Influencer?

Yes I do. Currently I’m still trying to improve myself in terms of curating content for my social media accounts and whatnot. I know I should post more but to be honest I'm very "cerewet". If the picture or video isn't perfect in my eyes, I won't post it!

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

To anyone who knows me this might not be a surprise but I can speak Mandarin. And oh my god I love football! I’m an avid fan of Barcelona!

I loved the short cover of A Woman’s Worth you made a few months back. When can we expect some originals from you?

Oh you loved that?! Alright duly noted! (laughs) That’s something that I’m currently working on as well! I’ll be doing some more covers soon (psst: a YouTube channel might be in the works) so watch my space!


We saw that you’ve made some short videos. Is that something you like to do for fun?

Yeah, when there’s an interesting topic to make a video of, I really enjoy being in one and even making them.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I want to be a multi-talented artist and Influencer, hopefully!

What's the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

I’m an open-minded person and when something is not right by me, I would just be frank and say it but I guess not everyone can accept that, am I right?



Did anything exciting happened in the past year? Any big events or collaborations?

I was shortlisted for Akademi Fantasia, which was great because I want to be a singer! I also collaborated with a few famous brands like Skechers!


Have you ever been in a really bad place emotionally or physically?

Emotionally yes, it was when I first started getting bashed online about the parody video I uploaded. That was kinda like my first time so understandably I would get pretty upset but I managed to overcome it. It’s never easy overcoming a rough patch but I did it and I’m really proud of myself for that. And I'm also blessed with a supportive family.Now, there's nothing negative people say that would affect me!

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

The Skechers event for sure! I was overwhelmed to be a part of such a great campaign so thank you Gushcloud!

Do you have any advice for the people who will be reading this article?

Just be yourself and be good to others and good things will come to you!


We have no doubt that we’ll see Ira come out with her own single in the near future! Gushcloud loves you! :)







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