Lis & Lissa: The Subang Sisters

November 1, 2018

Gushcloud Malaysia had the chance to get real with these two talented sisters, or more famously known as “The Subang Sisters.” Lis & Lissa have been in the Influencer industry for quite some time. Lis is known as a beauty guru and Lissa as a fashion icon. The sisters have such a close relationship that they even finish each other’s sentences and blurt the same answers together.




I see that Lis uses her real name ‘Aqilah Naqlis’. Why did you choose ‘Lissapissa’?


Lis : Honestly, I tried coming up for a creative, catchy name but I could not, for the life of me. I love my name, I feel like it’s unique, cause I’m the only Aqilah Naqlis that exists, so I thought might as well.

Lissa : ‘Lissapissa’ is just my YouTube because I want to be known for that on YouTube. I don’t use my full name so people always get confused that we’re sisters.

Lis :  Sometimes they think we’re the same person.

Lissa : It’s so weird like I’d just be walking around and there’d be like “OMG you’re Aqilah Naqlis!” and I’m like “No.. that’s my sister..” “..There’s two of you?!”, I mean we didn’t even plan it. A lot of people call me ‘Lissapissa’ from school and I felt like it’s a catchy name.


What made you guys want to start making videos and putting yourself online?


Lissa : Basically for fun. I think during that time I was in high school and watching LaurDIY and Clothes Encounters, I was so inspired, maybe I should do something like that. And that time it wasn’t a trend because there were no upcoming YouTubers yet in the nation. When I first started, I didn’t know what to do. That time, there was a trend to do the block eyebrows thing so I did that as my first YouTube tutorial! I was just testing the waters, then people got very supportive so I continued doing videos! I started to do makeup tutorials, then I ventured into fashion, and I realized that I liked doing lookbooks more so that’s how it happened. It’s more like an interest, curiosity kinda thing.

Lis : For me, she started doing it first, and when she needed someone to help film her lookbooks, I would be the one holding the camera and help direct the whole thing. I actually entered it because I was inspired by her. It was sort of like a creative outlet for her so I was like okay maybe I should play around. At that time I was on Instagram and people were asking me for my everyday hijab tutorial, which is like super super easy. So I just took that as an opportunity to sort of test, and after that I quite enjoyed it. I like the creative process, planning out, editing and putting something out there.


Have you guys ever thought about making a sisters channel together?


Lis : We thought about it at first but then we wanted to be seen as individuals, because she does makeup too but leans towards fashion while I focus on makeup and vlogs more. We do have similar interests but maybe we would just collaborate, sort of like cross-pollinate our audience. We just don’t have the time yet.

Lissa : Even back in school, people were always saying “Lis and Lissa.” We’re the Subang sisters. Sometimes I kind of want to break out from that, I don’t want to stay in her shadow and vice versa, because I feel like we’re two different and unique individuals. So probably not gonna happen. It’s just gonna be us collaborating. We did plan on doing like a blog together, but like YouTube, that’s our own brand.




Considering the obvious differences in the personal styles of you both, do you guys help each other with dressing up or is it individual?


Lis : We do, she steals my clothes all the time!

Lissa : You steal my style all the time! So it’s a win-win situation.

Lis : If I’m stressing out over an event, I’ll call her and be like “Lissa help, approve my outfit please.”

Lissa : Like even on a day to day basis, it’s kind of like a sisters telepathy thing, we always end up coordinating or something. Like the beret thing, when I came home, she didn’t even see me with the beret and then suddenly she came down and I’m like “What?!”.

You guys have more or less the same amount of followers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Which platform would you like to work on more or you guys manage each platform differently and have different targets?


Lissa : Previously I had an Instagram account that was nearing 10k followers, but I didn’t want to, I felt like I want to be known as a YouTuber instead of an Instagrammer. So after that I deleted the account and made a new one. Twitter and Instagram are just where I fool around. My main concern is YouTube so when my YouTube channel grows bigger, then I might consider.

Lis : Like Lissa, I prefer to be known as a YouTuber. So initially with Instagram it was a personal thing, I just posted whatever I wanted, until I reached a certain number and people approached me asking to consider all these Influencer jobs. But like Lissa, I do want to concentrate most of my creative energy on YouTube, because I feel like you need to do a lot more in terms of putting out a video. With Instagram, I think the smart thing for me to do is just keep it up, maintain your socmed presence.

Personally, which category do you lean towards more? Fashion or makeup?


Lis : Makeup. On YouTube I’m more to makeup but on Instagram people do ask for my OOTDs. But in terms of interest it leans more to makeup and fashion is just like a side thing as opposed to Lissa where fashion is her main concern. Her makeup is minimal if you noticed, she’d do like a bright lip color or put on freckles, she always has that one defining thing and then she leaves everything minimal. For me it’s like Pile. It. On!



What do you guys do together in your free time?


Lis : She’ll play video games and I’ll watch and disturb her!

Lissa : We’ll eat and she’ll talk about IMVU. We go to events together. We like going to events, pampering ourselves, threading, manicure, those kind of thing. We’re so boring.


How do you make your love for fashion work modestly? Is it as easy as it seems?


Lis : Difficult. So difficult. Because there certain trends that we really cannot do but there are other trends that we can work into. It’s just about layering, which can be difficult because we live in Malaysia and it’s so hot! What you definitely need for modest wear is solid opaque tights, long sleeved inner and a ninja scarf. You got that covered, you can put anything on top basically.

Lissa : When you wear something that’s slightly weird-

Lis : Slightly unconventional, people will start nitpicking you. You have to decide whether you want to listen or just go with it.

Where do you guys see yourself in five years?


Lis : I’ll be 30.. How i hope to see myself, hopefully, my personal goal is to be involved in art writing, or art curator-ship, also work on my artworks. My dream is to work from home, I hope to be able to do that as a side thing and also focus on content creation.

Lissa : I'll be 27.. I’ll probably be getting married by then, right? I think by that time I’ll be doing my PhD. When I first started taking this degree, I wasn’t thinking about it seriously. I like it but I don’t know if I wanna be an urban planner. But now that I’m reaching the end of my degree I do think that I’m able to make a change in this world by being in that profession. I feel like by that time I am able to be an advocate of like social equity cause that’s the main reason I wanna be a town planner.

What's the one thing that people always misunderstand about you guys?


Lis : OMG, People who don’t know me, they always assume I’m like dumb. When they’re talking about something they’re like, “It’s okay you wouldn’t be interested.” So like okay, it’s okay, do I look dumb.. But it’s fine I lower people's expectations I guess then you surprise them with something. Because if you dress up, wear heavy makeup, people assume that you are not like at least smart.

Lissa : I think I’m like the opposite.

Lis : Oh my god people always think you’re like super super arrogant. Even when we go to events, Lissa can get a bit shy with crowds. People always think she’s an extrovert so when she shies away people will think she’s arrogant but she's actually just shy.



Did anything exciting happened in the past year? Any big events or collaborations?


Lissa : Uniqlo but that was like two years ago. That’s like the BEST collaboration ever. When I talk to them, they communicate well and when I send first draft of anything they’re very supportive. That’s one of my proudest moment as a YouTuber, to get Uniqlo and they actually like what I put out.

Lis : The most recent I did was Hijab Stars Recharge campaign with Shopee. My part of the project was a lookbook, I made this one video where I re-purpose my old baju rayas for raya of that year. The event they did was quite interesting. I just attended and there was a slot for meet and greet but I didn’t expect to meet people who actually wanted to meet me so that was cool. Since we’re both slowing down because we’re both in our final semesters, there haven’t been like any big collaborations but I’m currently doing one on Instagram with Batiste for their dry shampoo.

What are your thoughts on a career as an Influencer? Is it something you want to pursue in the near future?


Lissa : I don’t see Influencer stuff as a permanent thing. If I’m not able to cope with YouTube, I would start like a daily blog. I wanna still be able to show my OOTDs, but maybe through another platform. I don’t see YouTube as a forever thing. Maybe when I have kids and I decide, okay I’m not gonna be a town planner, I’ll do it.

Lis : I’m hoping that with my Masters in Visual Communication it would help with creating content for Influencer Marketing because I understand it as a form of media more when you learn about it.


Do you have any advice for the people who will be reading this article?


Lissa : Just keeping it real.

Lis : When you’re starting out, evaluate your intentions. Are you doing this for money? Recognition? Whatever drives you. There’s nothing wrong with doing something for recognition, because you want this to be a side income. You just have to really figure out your intentions and be honest with yourself if that truly makes you happy.

Lissa : It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, you see Influencers posting all these things and it seems easy but it’s a struggle.

Lis : We have lots of Influencer friends and there’s certain things that they’re just really frustrated about. Like you put so much work into one thing and it didn’t get the numbers you want but something that you did offhandedly gets more numbers.

Lissa : You have to be prepared for that and you need to have a support system.

Lis : Doing it alone is hard when you’re demotivated and you have no one in the same situation as you to understand what you’re going through. So we’re lucky that we’re both doing it. And also making friends with people in the same pool as u can be very helpful in terms of collaborations or content making and knowing what price to put on your work.




Currently, Lis & Lissa are slowing down as they’re both in their final year of Masters and Undergraduate Degrees respectively. However, there will be more in store for these two should they get back in the industry! Follow Lis here and Lissa here!


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